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50 Miles Away Poster Logo.jpeg

How far will you go

to find out if

love at first sight is real?

Holly Morse-Ellington & Jason Tinney

Play Synopsis


First dates are awkward. 

Especially for strangers barreling down the highway 

in two separate cars.

In 50 Miles Away, strangers Jack and Leeann hit the road to drive far away from problems back home. Jack is heading to Tybee Island to clear his head. Leeann is expected in Miami for her brother’s wedding. They fill the miles spent alone confronting crumbling relationships and careers, swearing off men and women as they drive and sing along with the radio. But when their paths cross at a rest stop outside Richmond, they spark a clumsy chemistry and a tentative plan to meet again farther down the highway.


The distance between stops shortens as they race along the highway, anxious to continue their unexpected first date. Jack and Leeann bond over awkward conversations and childhood memories about first kisses at church camps and times their parents spanked them. But Jack guards the one secret that could drive Leeann away – he’s married.


They meet Hillarie, an eccentric mother of four on a summer road trip, who frequently stops to escape the chaos in her car. Her comedic timing is bad for Jack and Leeann. Lonely for adult companionship, she interrupts them to vent about motherhood and envy their romance.

Do they believe their chemistry is real? Worth the risk to go in a completely new direction? They have fifty miles to decide which turn they'll make. 


Discover the Theatrical Roadtrip That Comes With A Custom Playlist

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